Coolants And Lubricants

SLS has collaborated with pioneers in lubricants and developed a special compressor oil with high thermal and oxidation stability.

SLS Airlube products complement the next generation SLS air compressors. SLS Airlube maintains maximum efficiency in lubrication and cooling, thereby enabling the compressor to achieve its high performance standards. It addresses the issues of oil contamination and rising maintenance costs.

SLS Airlube Product Range :

  • SLS Airlube Plus for electric powered screw air compressors (with drain interval of 2000 hours*)
  • SLS Airlube XD – a premium mineral based lubricant (with a drain interval of 4000 hours*)
  • SLS Airlube for diesel portable screw air compressors
  • SLS Recip Airlube for reciprocating air compressors
  • Air Audit

    Compressed air is an expensive utility and its applications can be economically viable option only if it is used in a prudent manner.

    With over a half a century of research and innovation behind it, SLS has developed deep domain knowledge and expertise in various aspects of the compressor, including the interplay between compressed air and energy usage. Our partnerships with global leaders in multi-dimensional fields have helped us put together systems that confirm to international standards of operation. Our innovative solutions and systems help our clients drastically reduce their process costs, apart from attaining improvements in product quality.

    We extend our proven capabilities in compressor energy efficiency in carrying out energy audits for our customers. Energy audit is a specialized process that takes through knowledge and expertise in multiple fields. Our expert team of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineers offers a multi-dimensional view of a compressors energy usage. The team conducts audits and trains end-users in key energy oriented functional areas.

    We believe that there are four fundamental ways of saving energy :

  • Accurate monitoring of the utilities in the plant
  • Reduction in the amount of energy required for the generation and use of the utility
  • Trapping of any unused energy
  • Recycling and use of energy over again
  • Customers see savings in their energy bill almost immediately after implementing our recommendations.

  • The audit reports prepared by the SLS experts’ team include recommendations on short, medium and long-term measures for energy conservation, along with financial estimates and analysis for the implementation. The reports offer specifics into measurements and tests conducted at the customer sites. This is followed up by assistance in the implementation and performance monitoring of our energy conservation proposals.

    Energy Saving Products

    Optimizing energy usage to bring down electricity costs is crucial while operating air compressors.

    The SLS Variable Frequency Drive (Vfd) is your perfect partner on the road to cost savings.

    SLS Vfd matches the compressor output with varying motor speed. Power consumption reduces as the demand reduces. Vfd eliminates the frequent load-unload cycle and minimizes the starting current of the motor, thereby reducing unloaded power consumption which is normally 25-35% of the full load consumption.

    The SLS Vfd retrofit panel is specially designed for compressors and is suitable for both SLS Compressors and those of other makes.

    The benefits of using SLS Vfd :

  • Control of system pressure in a range of + / -0.1 bart
  • Dramatically improves the effectiveness of air storage to handle demand fluctuations
  • Efficient system operation and high performance
  • Considerable savings in maintenance cost and energy cost up to 215%
  • Payback as low as 7 months

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